Adaptation of the Capstone Course due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dear participants of Capstone courses,

The following adaptations are provided to account for the limitations place upon us due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Note that these adaptations may change as the Covid situation develops. Please also refer to the official announcements provided by the faculty and university administration.

A final note; while safety is the priority during the Pandemic, please do not use the Pandemic as an excuse to do less, or to not achieve the goals of your project. We expect our students, as engineers, to play a leading role in building solutions to the problems that the Pandemic brings to society - including their capstone projects.

Dr Andrew Beddall
Faculty Capstone Coordinator
On behalf of the Dean's office.

Updates 17/03/2021: added list of lab and contacts, removed "private teams".
Updates 09/02/2021: updated for the Spring semester
Updates 07/10/2020: first version
Updates 01/10/2020: zeroth version