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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Bahçeşehir University, İstanbul.

If need access to a lab for your capstone project, then please contact the person responsible for the lab (see the list below) to get their permission and obtain a booking well in advance.

Note that lab access is particularly limited during the Covid period due to social-distancing regulations; bookings are subject to availablilty which may change over time. If you need access to a lab out of hours then you need special permission from both your advisers and the person responsible for the lab. Note carefully the Covid safety rules when using a lab, especially your are limitied to 4 persons in a lab at the same time, you must where a mask and ventillation should be maximised. Use a hand sanitizer regularly and wipe down any surfaces that you touch before and after you use them. Also pay attention to normal lab safety rules.

Laboratory Responsible persons
Delek1 and Delek2 Dr Cavit Fatih Küçüktezcan, Güray Güngör
Civil Engineering Labs Dr Serhan Kırlangıç
Instr.-Control-Meas./MCH Lab. Teaching Assist. Resul Çalışkan
Physics Labs Prof. Lütfi Arda, Teaching Assistant Muhammed Cemal Demir
Biomedical Engineering Lab. Dr Hakan Solmaz, Teaching Assistant Ali Güzel
Android Lab. Dr Cemal Okan Şakar, Teaching Assistant Muhammed Cemal Demir
Power Labs. Dr Nezihe Yıldıran, Teaching Assistant Samed Pekdemir
Energy Management Lab. Dr Nezihe Yıldıran, Teaching Assistant Selen Yoldaş
Intel Future Lab. Dr Mehmet Şükrü Kuran, Assistant Mahmut Ağan
Robotics Lab. Dr Berke Gür
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