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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Bahçeşehir University, İstanbul.
Adviser responsibilities

This section outlines the responsibilities of the project advisers. This is expressed here openly so that students can understand what they can expect from their advisers.

Advisers are members of staff who prepare project titles and descriptions and then supervise and assess the work of the students.
Advisers are responsible for:
  • Preparing interdepartmental projects (titles and descriptions, requirements) in accordance with course objectives.
  • Guiding students with respect to the student responsibilities and expectations.
  • Providing students with specialized training in subjects relevant to their tasks.
  • Making sure that all activities and processes are followed with safety as the primary concern.
  • Guiding students through the design process, making sure that at least a minimum standard is reached in each step.
  • Encouraging students to work as a coherent team and making sure that all team members are contributing significantly to the project.
  • Identifying and making the team aware of any problems (insufficient contributions from team members, poor progress etc) as early as possible; the team is often not aware of the consequences.
  • Requesting and expecting deliverables to be submitted on time according to the course schedule.
  • Giving timely and appropriate feedback for deliverables in such a way that encourages at least a minimal standard from the students.
  • Keeping project descriptions up to date in case of any changes to those descriptions.
  • Paying attention to, and insisting that all components of reports are included and at least at a minimal standard.
  • Paying attention to Turnitin reports and insisting that similarity scores must be below 25%.
  • Providing fair and balanced assessment of their own and other students in a way that maintains good minimal standards and awards the highest grades to only exceptional work.
  • Insisting that their students behave ethically and cordially and in a professional manner, and providing guidance for the same.
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