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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Bahçeşehir University, İstanbul.
Course objectives

By the end of the two-semester capstone course we expect the student to have achieved ten key objectives:

  1. The student has gained a knowledge of, and demonstrated that they have contributed to, project management, team management and conflict resolution.
  2. The student has gained a knowledge of, and applied, engineering design including appropriate consideration of quality, usability, standards, constraints and innovation.
  3. The student has, within the scope of an interdisciplinary team, identified an engineering problem and divided it into smaller sub-problems that can be implemented and integrated with effective use of time and resources.
  4. The student has considered alternative solutions to the problem and analyze those solutions and selected the optional solution that best satisfies the requirements and constraints of the project.
  5. The student has gained skills in the integration of ideas and systems within an interdisciplinary team.
  6. The student has gained a knowledge of measurement and verification of a product and performed verification of the implemented design to prove that it conforms to the requirements and constraints of the project.
  7. The student has gained a knowledge of innovation, entrepreneurship, patent and useful model protection.
  8. The student has prepared a project proposal that includes a complete design and plan of execution, and a final report documenting the completed project.
  9. The student has provided presentations of their work, and demonstration of the final product.
  10. The student has demonstrated that they have applied to their project relevant knowledge and skills learned in their undergraduate curriculum.
To help you navigate through these objectives we have provided checklists for key deliverables throughout the semester; these can be found in the course schedule pages. To help you understand how objectives are measured, please visit the assessment page.
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