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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Bahçeşehir University, İstanbul.
Capstone project

This is the official website providing information for all Engineering students taking capstone projects in the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences.
The Capstone spans two semesters:

  • Capstone I (4991) - the first of the two-part capstone course - lectures, research, planning and design phase
  • Capstone II (4992) - the second of the two-part capstone course - materialization and verification phase
If you have any questions about the capstone course, please contact your department capstone coordinator; see the coordinator page.

  • [03/07/2021] - Summer School
    Today, this website is being prepared for the summer school. 4992 projects will be retired. 4991 projects will be changed to 4992 ready for the Summer or Fall. A summer timetable will be prepared.
    If you intend to take 4992 in the Summer then please read the below notices: Summer school regulations, Preliminary Summer calendar.
  • [01/07/2021] - Capstone Exhibition
    The 2021 Spring Capstone Exhibition will take place on Friday 02/07/2021 between 13:00 and 16:00 at the BAU Beişitaş south campus in blok-A garden.
    Due to Covid limitations, only 20 projects will present.
  • [23/05/2021] - Small but important report guide update
    Please note that I have fixed a malformed section in the report guide. Section "4.2. Evaluation" for the Final Report now reads:
    Rewrite the description that you have already provided in the project proposal in such a way that it presents a historical account of the actual experiments that you have performed to evaluate (verify) your product satisfies the original functional and performance requirements outlined in Section 1.2. Explain any significant changes with respect to the plan that was stated in the proposal. Show data and results of your analysis. Comment on the successes and any failures.
  • [12/05/2021] - Capstone checklist - a new deliverable
    A capstone checklist is provided here.
    This is a new deliverable which, over the two semesters, will be submitted four times by every student in the form of: 4991ChecklistDraft1234567.pdf, 4991Checklist1234567.pdf, 4992ChecklistDraft1234567.pdf, 4992Checklist1234567.pdf
  • [09/05/2021] - Proper consideration of sustainability in your report will have a significant impact on your capstone grade
    Human civilization is at an inflection point where we will either flourish or perish. It seems that the outcome (at least in the near future) is in our hands and depends on the actions of our leaders, thinkers, scientists and engineers. Sustainability is critical. As engineers, we must be aware of the economic, environmental and social impact of the products, services and processes that we create and give priority to sustainability in our design decisions.
    See "Section 1.2.3. Constraints" in pages 13 and 14 of the capstone report guide. Please take this seriously, if only for the sake of your capstone grade.
  • [28/04/2021] - Spring Covid-19 Lockdown
    Please read our message regarding the Covid-19 lockdown and how it affects integration requirements here.
  • [28/04/2021] - 2021 Summer School
    Please read our message regarding the 2021 Summer School here.
  • [01/03/2021] - Spring semester Faculty-wide Introduction
    Introduction (Video) [BAU access only]
    Key Deliverables (Video) [BAU access only].

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