Financial Support

The Faculty will provide financial support of up to 500 ₺ per student for items purchased for the project.

Strict procedures and restriction apply; see the explanations below.


  1. The costs of a project should be minimized and well justified; inapropriate expenditure will not be approved for assistance even if it is within the allowance.

  2. You can apply for financial support twice during the project term: First application due date: May 8, 2023. Second application is due by the end of the term.

  3. The process:
    • The students purchase necessary items, as approved by project advisor.
    • VERY IMPORTANT: The bill MUST be in the name of BAU (SEE BELOW for details.) Otherwise financial support will not work.
    • The students prepare the financial support application form and submit original bills and receipts, and the project advisor must sign and approve the form (SEE BELOW for details).
    • The advisor or the students submit signed form to their department admin.
    • The admin team will process the applications and submit them to finance office, so the support amount will be transferred to students’ bank account.

  4. Components purchased via financial support are BAU property. The students must return such components to their advisor.

  5. The advisors are reponsible for making sure that project members return the puchased components, and the cost of material must be reported in the report “Table of costs.”

  6. Original bills and receipts must be provided for each item (please keep copies of all bills and receipts).

  7. They total amount claimed should equal the total of the amounts stated on the bills (or 500 ₺ times the number of students, which ever is the minimum).

  8. Items listed on bills must be related to the project – do not mix project purchasing with private purchasing.

  9. The bill (fatura) must be in the name of Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi:
    Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi Beşiktaş Vergi Dairesi (Vergi No: 1310162959)
    Adres: Çırağan Cd., Osmanpaşa Mektebi Sokak, No: 4/6, Beşiktaş, 34353, İstanbul

  10. The bill (fatura) must be the original copy, and it must be stamped and signed by the seller in the itemized area (which means the bill has been paid) as illustrated in Fatura Example 1.
    If the stamp is at the top (which means the bill has not been paid), as illustrated in Fatura Example 2, then you need to also provide the payment receipt (fiş).

  11. For online purchases, make sure that the billing address is that of the university, and print out your credit card payment as a supportive document if it’s not mentioned on the bill.

Here is application form (Project Advisor must approve and sign): capstone-financial-support-v3.docx.

Include in the form, for each capstone student, the student name and the IBAN number of the bank account belonging to the same name. You may not reference another person’s bank account. Cost may be split between members in the form (do not exceed 500 ₺ each).

Please take a copy of the bills and receipts for yourself in case your claim is lost.