While the student will be applying the knowledge and skills that they have acquired during the undergraduate curriculum, the learning process will continue throughout both capstone courses.

In Capstone I (4991), five lectures are given on special topics that guide the student through how to work within teams, project planning, engineering design, engineering constraints, verification and finally innovation. The student also performs supervised research and studies on their chosen project. During this process, the student may receive tuition from their adviser on special topics related to their project.

In capstone II (4992), the student will be faced with new challenges especially with respect to materialization and integration of a complex product within an interdisciplinary team. The student may learn new skills in building, integration and testing. During this process, the adviser will have the opportunity to convey their experience to the student.

By the end of the capstone courses, the student will have also developed their skills in collaboration, report writing and presenting.