Double Major Students

The grade of a capstone project course performed by a double-major student in the first major program may be passed (via a “credit transfer form”) to the capstone project course in the second major program given that the capstone course coordinators from each program agree. An academic staff member from the second program should provide assessment; the “credit transfer” will occur only if the second program adviser and the coordinator of the second capstone program agree to it.

Alternatively (and more likely), a double-major student can take the same project when registered to the capstone in both programs at the same time. In this case, since the student is taking a large fraction of the project work, the project must have at least one more team member assigned in each department so that the project can continue in the case where the double major student drops out.

In either case, the work done should be suitable for the curriculum of both departments and comprehensive enough to grant the student a total of 6 credits for the capstone in both departments.